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Suppose you want to transfer a WordPress from another hoster to us by reconfiguring https and testing it before running DNS and then pointing the domain to us. Here are the steps to follow:

  • activate the appropriate hosting plan on us
  • download files and database dump from the old provider
  • create a database and a database user on the same server where the hosting is configured, from the panel
  • upload site files to our hosting plan
  • import the dump coming from the old provider's site into the database created. This can be done via the panel via the phpmyadmin interface
  • configure the wordpress wp-config.php file with database data created a little while ago on us
  • test the display of the site via the our  server IP set in hosts on your computer
  • when you are satisfied with the site display (to be displayed for now only in http, https later), point your domain DNS to our ones
  • as soon as the DNS transition is active and therefore the site is visible on our servers, it is possible to go to and activate the SSL and letsencrypt (this step cannot be done before due to the verification that letsencrypt performs on dns)
  • now make https definitive inside the panel by switching the display from http to https

If you have problems with this procedure, you can contact us via our website. We will be happy to analyze your site and provide you with a customized transfer quote.

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