Ransomware wannacry Attack

In these days heavy ransomware attacks (especially wannacry). As you know, the virus encrypts data on your computer's filesystems and asks for a ransom to retrieve the data. This of course impacts on companies, professionals and production activities and can get them kneeling. You must absolutely defend yourself from this attack so that you will ... Read More »

15th May 2017
install of xenserver update hotfix xs70e032

Xenserver master servers, all updated with hotfix xs70e032 that gives security updates to physical server. Issues Resolved In This Hotfix This security hotfix addresses the vulnerabilities as described in the Security Bulletins by Citrix. In addition, it resolves the following issues: This hotfix provides additional defense-in-depth by ... Read More »

23rd Apr 2017
New service website recovery

Available the new Recovery Service Web site. Avoid hosting malicious software without your knowledge, to avoid being used as a bridge to further attacks, prevent dangerous site notices directly on the browser.If your site has already been attacked, we can help.The control is free. More information ... Read More »

20th Jul 2015

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