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We provide SMTP Relay accounts on special relay servers. These accounts allow you to link your mail program, newsletter program, website, or other in order to send emails outward in a massive and secure way. The service is used to send newsletters or authorized promotional commercial emails.

Accounts support the indicated quota of daily emails. This means that each account will be authorized to send, on a daily basis, the amount of email specified for each account. The following is provided during activation:

  • user e password
  • hostname relay
  • port: generally 25 or 465 or 2525
the protocol used is standard smtp. Your email client must be configured following the details provided. The requested port must, of course, be opened on your connection computer or on your own network and in any case also open on the router to allow your system / program to reach the server.

The service is not intended for sending spam emails or unauthorized commercial mailings.

The client programs that you can use are all those that support SMTP protocol for sending mail. From normal smtp clients like thunderbird, outlook, etc. A programs for sending newsletters like PHPlist, wordpress plugin and many others. In all cases you will only need to enter the indicated configuration data.

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