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We provide a very important free tool that allows you, in one place, to make various technical and configuration checks. These tools are suitable for webmasters, programmers and systems engineers. is a help for all our partners, customers and suppliers and is made available for free.

The resource is available at the following URL

Show My IP

It allows you to view your IP at that particular time. It is very useful to be able to provide it to the technical office, if you have problems connecting to some of our services.

Show my details

Provides more details about your connection, in addition to the IP.

Blacklist check

It allows you to check your IP, or an IP of your choice to over 70 blacklists. It is useful to understand if there are problems in your network or not.

Whois Check

It allows you to perform a whois check of any domain.

Badbots list

Presents a list of what are considered BadBots. That is malicious bots, which are designed to scan your site for vulnerabilities or simply to slow down its performance.

Offenders IPs

It allows you to check if your IP has been blocked within our network. For malicious access attempts (it happens if for example some terminal of your network has a virus contract).


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