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Tritema is an hoster that manages a distributed computer network. As a company policy, Tritema requires its own web space is contained only material permitted by law. The customer, with the act of purchasing any service, accept the complete and final conditions of use contained in this page. Tritema, in quality 'of hosters, assumes no responsibility' of the contents in the web spaces rented, we 'use made through the web space or the rented server. If they are found materials that violate the law, offensive or behaviors that create harm others or that in some way are of threat to the privacy of third parties, Tritema provide 'to stop the service immediately without prior notice. In particular, by way of example only, they are contrary to our principles, the following behaviors:

  • installation of contents contrary to Law
  • installation of content that violates the copyright, patent or copyright
  • behaviors that are directly or indirectly harmful to the interests of others
  • Broadcast advertising 'junk (spam) through the medium of electronic
  • hacking behavior at whatever level and in whatever form
  • behaviors in order to modify the proper functioning of services
The customer who buys at Tritema and must comply with the policy shown on this page, making sure not to place content contrary to this policy, and with the purchase act, endorse fully and without reservation the conditions set forth herein. The services are recommended to customers who have full computer skills and good technical knowledge. In case of technical problems on the purchased services, the customer and 'must warn by email at info (at) tritema.ch the anomaly with full and accurate description. Reports not be accepted without any description and not precise. We do not provide assistance with customer software problems caused by bugs in its software, or from misuse of services. It also does not assist the customer who contacts us to get skills., Unless specific contractual agreements to that effect.

Any abuse of our services, or use contrary to the rules or the law, will be immediately prosecuted soon learned. Please report any and all abuse by sending email to tritema.ch [at] abuse.net (official email abuse reporting). As for the fax, and VoIP service, the numbers are made available by the authorities' or bodies responsible in accordance with local legal regulations. In case of change of the rules by local authorities, these changes will be immediately communicated to the customer for the adjustment. In addition to any content in violation of Law, it's escluded any offending content, gamble or invite to gamble, any form of porn content either by images of by voice. All connections to premium or value added networks is forbidden.

Regarding VOIP and fax services, Tritema is an intermediary between local authorities and final customers, regarding regulations to follow. For this reason Tritema could not ever be liable of any decision by the local authority even if this decision may cause disrupition in final client services. 

Service for support (managed services) on dedicated servers and vps

Where it is entered into a service agreement on servers or Hosting, The rent is paid in an integrated manner with respect to the server fee. The fee includes all issues concerning the client servers that address the server itself 'and if', are excluded issues of client software and its debugging. In particular, and 'it included:

  • firewall, changing installation and parameterization
  • log check, check the logs for security checks. If the customer reports an intrusion, it should provide details thereof. At this point our technicians reserve the right to check the consistency of the same and its origin. If the intrusion and 'took place for the client software bugs, he is warned about this and must be taken to restore his code so that the event does not happen again.
  • update / install services
  • system maintenance
  • configurations requested by the customer on standard services
  • reconfiguration of the firewall
  • Migration servers and IP changes

However, other writing jobs of code or editing the code of the customer. Also excluded are all problems related to malfunction of the customer written code, which and 'required to properly utilize the resources and to prevent and resolve problems of its software. It accessed care through the trouble ticket system inside customer area. The system allows you to track the progress of the alert. Open several ticket below does not facilitate the work of assistance and may lead to delays. All tickets are cared for in the technical time necessary until the close of the ticket. Sometimes the work on a ticket takes several hours if the solution of the problem is not straightfoward. Telephone contact and 'possible during office hours, but the solution of technical problems and' entrusted to the technical staff systems analyst who runs all scheduled tickets, and 'therefore appropriate to stick to those.

Definitions and conventions:

The ticket can develop under a thread. The ticket can be opened in order to achieve the authorization code to the transfer of domain names or even for other administrative purposes. The ticket is considered closed when it is responded with the technical explainations needed or the problem is clearly resolved. The explanations are valid when supported by (read or between each point)

  • mathematical logic and deductive logic
  • logfile or absolute path on the server where the mentioned log is
  • resources on the network (provided with links) that confirm the thesis of the technician
  • laws of physics and mathematics
  • in the case of a network service operation, reference is made to official descriptive RFC. In case the customer complain some issue, the following supporting data must be provided:
  • processes under way at the time of the outbreak of the problem
  • url and absolute paths of the resources involved in the problem described
  • precise description of the problem presented
  • date and time of the event described
  • any changes made recently to the configurations

Tritema manages a wide network based on many servers located in different datacenters; such systems mostly use technology usually named "cloud"; for this reason it is necessary to define what we mean when we usually refer to nationality of a service or of a server.  Wherever, in Tritema website or in Tritema technical documentation, is referred to swiss IP or swiss server or IP and/or server location, we always mean geographic location of the mentioned IP address only. When, instead, we refer to a swiss domain name, we always mean any domain with extension like .ch,.swiss or .li (even if this last mentioned domain belongs to Lichtenstein Principality). If a particular location IP  is preferred by customer, he/she needs to specify such a preference at order time. Tritema staff will confirm and let customer know if additional costs are involved.

Procedure in case of breach by the account of third parties (attack)

The customer must exercise the greatest caution with his account at Tritema in order to minimize the probability that it can be breached and that the services get abused. In particular, the customer must keep the password secret, do not put them in the mail and do not disclose it. The customer must always choose passwords that are not easy to guess, and keep the computers used to access the resources free from viruses, malware or Trojans. The customer also must commit to load safely and keep it updated software. Should the technical staff of Tritema, manually or through its software, detects the presence of attacks and malicious code (eg dos, spam, malware, defacements, etc.), will immediately notify the customer via a ticket. In case some kind of attack or violation is raised against the client, in order to safeguard the security of client and other users, the service may be suspended until the customer is able to show that he has effectively removed the malicious code and the cause that produced it.


Tritema can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data that can arise for the use of their systems. Also Tritema is not responsible for any misuse and abuse of its systems by the cient or of third parties. Under no circumstances and for no reason the customer can make Tritema held responsible for any loss of data. And 'your responsibility to keep up their data on Tritema systems or to external third-party devices. Tritema can not be responsible even for service interruption, damage or other interruption to arise from a misuse of resources or force majeure. In case of non-renewal of a domain name, it will be refunded any amount paid, excluding any other form of liability or compensation. It 's always total customer responsibility to promptly report any any dysfunction, disruption, attack, loss of data or erroneous registration / renewal or domain's registration details.

Reset password requests

The customer is informed that Tritema employees do not generally register or keep the password of the services granted in use to the customer, however, being able to maintain the services for regular and special technical operations. The password of services, in fact, are operated by encrypted database. Therefore in case of a forgotten password, the customer can 'ask for the password reset following the normal procedure Tritema security. The customer must 'in order to open a ticket on the official ticketing system of Tritema that will provide' to automatically manage the operation by drawing the reset procedure.

Payments and refunds. Payments of renewals must be made before the date of expiry of services. Failure of the renewal fee involves account deactivation and subsequent removal of the content. The customer is responsible for maintaining updated its references at Tritema and ensure that you comply with the payments. Payments of the new service must be operated at the time of the order. An order placed but not paid shall be considered null and void. An order potra 'be reimbursed only and exclusively within 8 days from payment, but always after costs. In case of malfunction proved by documents (the only one to be accepted by Tritema), will be refundable only the amount paid, net of costs and your prior written request, it shall not include any other form of liability or compensation. Reactivation of expired services at an additional charge of reactivation.


The jurisdiction for any dispute is the court of the District Moesa in the Canton of Grisons, Switzerland. The legal contractual language for any dispute is Italian. Should arise a doubt either in terms of use or in any other site content about the language interpretation, the italian version will always prevail


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