Swiss domain names registration conditions

To support the eligibility policy of this TLD, in order to register or renew a domain name the Registrant/applicant must satisfy .swiss eligibility policy. 

  1. Registrant must be a legal entity (i.e. not an individual) with sufficient link to Switzerland. This occurs if Registrant is:

    1. A public body or another public organization under Swiss public law;

    2. A legal entity registered in the Swiss Commercial Register having its seat in Switzerland and an effective site of administration in Switzerland; or

    3. An association or foundation not registered in the Swiss Commercial Register having its seat and an effective site of administration in Switzerland.

  2. At the time of the application, the requested name belongs to a category of names available for allocation.

  3. The intended use is legal under Swiss law. Be aware that if the domain name is used to provide products or services or to advertise them, a seat and an effective place of administration are required.

  4. The name applied for can legitimately be considered as objectively linked to the applicant or the intended use of the domain name. This occurs in particular if the domain name satisfies one of the following conditions:

    1. it contains a name for which the applicant holds a trademark right;

    2. it refers to a name objectively linked to the State or its activities that is required by the respective public body or the public law organization concerned;

    3. it contains a geographical designation, or a clear variation or abbreviation of a name, to which the applicant has a legitimate right or interest, to which it has a legitimate right or interest in the public mind, or it is authorized to use by the public body or bodies or other organizations concerned;

    4. it reflects a name in which the applicant has a legitimate interest or which is associated with the applicant in the public mind; and e. The requested name is not a “Designation with a Generic Character”, without prejudice to be eligible under the Registry’s naming mandate program as set forth in Section 6 of the Registration Policy (see In exceptional cases, the Registry may allocate domain names which do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth in this Section when the interest of this allocation for the Swiss community so justifies.

  5. Use of your .swiss domain name

    1. Registrant is solely liable for the use and operation of Registrants’ domain name at any time.

    2. Registrant will ensure that at all times the use of Registrants’ .swiss domain name is:

      1. generally accepted as legitimate by the Swiss law;

      2. serves the interests of the Swiss community, its image and its political, economic, legal or cultural interests in Switzerland and in the world;

      3. is of commensurate quality to the role and importance of the domain in question,

      4. is based on good faith at the time of registration and thereafter.

    3. Furthermore, Registrant will undertake in particular not to:

      1. use Registrants’ .swiss domain name in violation of any rights of third-parties, including any intellectual property rights in the broadest possible sense;

      2. use Your .swiss domain name to send unsolicited commercial advertisements in contradiction with the Swiss legislation or customary acceptable usage policies of the Internet;

      3. distribute malware, abusively operate botnets, resort to phishing, piracy, violate intellectual property rights, use fraudulent or deceptive practices, counterfeit, or otherwise engage in any activity contrary to any applicable law;

      4. use Your .swiss domain name for the sole purpose of selling it, reselling it or transferring it in some manner to third parties. Furthermore, Registrant will not enable, contribute or willingly aid any third party to do so; and

      5. use Your .swiss domain name in a manner that, in the Registry’s opinion, may damage or bring into disrepute the name, image or reputation of Switzerland, the Swiss Confederation or other Swiss public bodies, the Swiss community in general or the concerned Swiss communities.

If any of the information is later found not to be true, or is incomplete, incorrect, or misleading in any way, or if you have submitted this Application in bad faith, you warrant to give right to Registry to deny or cancel the registration, renewal, or transfer of your domain name. Asking a new registration to Tritema you accept and approve the above conditions.

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